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Barnes and Barra Tax Services was formed in 2011 for the purpose of tax planning and preparation. James E. Barnes has been preparing income taxes for over 60 years and needed to slow down some, so he partnered with Christopher M. Barra, M.S., EA to continue the business into the future.

Although the company is only two years old, James Barnes has been in business for over 60 years, everyone seems to know Mr. Barnes. Christopher Barra has been in tax preparation and planning for over 30 years, taught taxation and investment management, written two books, and also operates a tax practice in the Boston area.

The link on the top left of this page will direct you to another site with lots of tax and investment information from us. "Enlightened Regressivism" is to my new book. If I can't plug it here, where can I?
James E. Barnes
Founding Partner
Tax Preparer
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Susan G. Barra
Tax Preparer
Office Manager
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Christopher M. Barra, M.S., EA
General Partner
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Barnes and Barra Tax Services, LLP (850) 665-3666

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Stephanie Lathrop
Tax Preparer
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